Terms of service

SMI WebShop Conditions of Use

The following conditions of use are applied on the transactions on this Webshop between SMI-Scandinavian Musical Instruments (referred later as SMI) and their customers.

SMI sells instruments, amplifiers and PA-devices, and accessories to retailer companies, and private customers. We also sell these items to consumers under the age of 18, if they have written consent from a parent or guardian.

1. Creating an account

1.1. Ordering prodcuts from the Webshop does not require a permanent account. If the customer wants to create an account, and receive all the benefits of a permanent account (order history etc.), during the first order the customer should:

a) create an account as a company or private customer to SMI customer records, by giving their name and other relevant contact information.

b) agree that SMI will store the personal data in our customer records. The records are confidential and will not be handed out to a third party.

c) in case of the customer being under the age of 18, must they also provide name, telephone number and E-mail address of their parent or guardian. SMI reserves the right to cancel the order if this information is not provided, or if there is reason to suspect a fraud.

1.2. The customer is adviced to use the Webshop with care.

2. The validity of the order

2.1. Communication between SMI and the customer will be done either via E-mai, mail or telephone. The customer is required to observe their E-mail after placing the order, for a written confirmation of the order.

2.2. The purchase is finalised when the customer had paid the order according to SMI Webshop invoice, or in advance onto SMI bank account.

2.3. The customer has the right to cancel the order via E-mail, mail or telephone, before the order has been shipped.

2.4. The customer agrees the shipping policy notified on this website, and these conditions of use.

2.5. After the customer has placed the order, SMI has the right to change the shipping policy, or these conditions of use.

3. Pricing

3.1. All current prices are listed on the SMI Webshop catalog. The currency for the prices is Euro, and all the prices on the catalog include Finnish VAT 24%. SMI reserves the right to change pricing.

3.2. Additional shipping expenses will be added to the order. SMI calculates the shipping expenses according to Matkahuolto domestic freight table rate, calculated by order weight. When chosen the Matkahuolto COD method of payment, the Matkahuolto COD expense of 6,70€ is also added to the expenses.

4. Shipping

4.1. If we have the ordered item in stock, the estimated shipping time in Finland is two to five (2-5) working days. Some special or novelty items can have longer shipping time. We will notify the customer if the shipping time is longer than 7 days.

4.2. If the customer needs the item at a certain given date, this should be specifically mentioned, for example during placing the order. We will try to fulfill these wishes, if that can be reasonably done.

4.3. If the customer is purchasing items, that SMI has indicated differing shipping times, the whole shipment will be shipped according to the item that has the longest shipping time.

4.4. The primary shipment method always is via a SMI authorized retailer near the customers shipping address, if such retailer exists.

4.5. All SMI shipping is handled by Matkahuolto, if the customer and SMI are not agreeing otherwise. Matkahuolto cargo is insured by the cargo delivery company for damage or loss of cargo during the delivery.

4.6. If you are sending items for guarantee service or return for refund, please always remember to include the relevant documents and Matkahuolto cargo invoice.

4.7. The customer has the right to cancel the order at any given time, also when the order has already been processed. If the customer does not want to collect the arrived shipment, they should notify SMI about this immediately.

5. Conditions of Payment

5.1. Available payment methods are:

a) Matkahuolto COD. The shipment will arrive at the nearest Matkahuolto office, where it can be collected against payment. Using this method Matkahuolto COD expense 6,70€ will be added to the shipping expenses.

b) Advance payment to SMI bank account. After we have received a notification of the payment, the order will be shipped.

c) Invoice. This method is available to retail companies. If you want to be billed with an invoice, please always agree on this by contacting SMI customer support.

5.2. Some of the payment methods require a permanent account on our Webshop.

6. Returns

6.1. The customer has the right to return non-used items within fourteen (14) days from receiving the items, not including the day when the customer has received the shipment. The items to be returned, and the original packagin has to be essentially in the same shape as they were when receiving the shipment.

6.2. The customer should always inform about the return preferably via E-mail to SMI customer service at smi(at)smi-music.com, BEFORE returning the item. Items for return should be sent to SMI-Scandinavian Musical Instruments Oy, Henry Fordin katu 5K, 00150 Helsinki.

6.3. SMI will not collect unpaid returns or items for guarantee service from post office or any other delivery company. Returns should always be shipped as Matkahuolto cargo, or bringing the item to SMI.

6.4. If the return is not valid, the customer is required to pay the expenses. The expenses for searching a damaged item/part from a package of parts will also be required to be paid by the customer.

6.5. All returns that have not been made according to these conditions will be shipped back to the customer, and the shipping expenses are to be paid by the customer.

6.6. The right to return the item is always defined for that certain item, and a delay in other shipment does not extend the return period of the first item.

6.7. There customer has no right to return an item that has been used.

7. Shipments damaged while shipping

7.1. Even with careful packaging, it is possible that sometimes the packages or items can be damaged during the shipping. We advice the customer to examine the package carefully for any damages already at Matkahuolto office in presence of Matkahuolto personnel. If the packaging has been damaged during shipping, and if the item/items have also been damaged, please fill up a damage report form at Matkahuolto office, and after that contact our customer service for shipping an replacement.

8. Reclamation

8.1. If the customer has been shipped a wrong product, the item has been damaged, or there is some other reason for reclamation, should the customer notify SMI within reasonable time, either with telephone 09 5870 456, or via E-mail to SMI customer support at smi(at)smi-music.com, or by sending the reclamation with mail to SMI-Scandinavian Musical Instruments Oy, Lönnrotinkatu 32 D, 00180 Helsinki. Erroneous shipment should be returned without additional expenses back according to instructions regarding returns (see above). Product return should happen after first informing SMI about the reclamation. When we have received the returned item, we will refund the customer immediately.

9. Force majeure

9.1. SMI cannot take responsibility, if the order is delayed or cancelled because of an external reason that is beyond control for SMI, such as war, natural catastrophy, import- or export restrictions, a regulation by authorities, conditions limiting or disrupting traffic, or any other condition that could hinder or block SMI business.

10. Resolving conflicts

10.1. Any conflicts based on these conditions of use, are to be handled according to the Legislation of Finland, and if the situation so requires, resolved in Helsinki District Court.