PEARL P-2002B tuplapedaali b-stock demo malli

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Pearl Eliminator tuplapedaali hihnavedolla. Ollut tehtaan esittelykäytössä, uutta vastaava kunto. Nyt mahdollisuus ostaa huippupedaali todella edulliseen hintaan! Rajoitettu määrä (6 kpl) varastossa.

The Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal, P2002B (Right) has a four-position cam that essentially makes it four pedals in one. It has amazing speed and smoothness & unbelievably precise tracking.  The three-position PowerShift adjustment can be adapted for both a heavy, regular or light feel and a uni-pressure spring clamp that allows for an infinite beater angle. The beaters are two plastic and two felt and there is a floating spring pendulum which will dramatically reduce waggle.

The main features of the Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal, P2002B (Right) include:

  • 3-Position Movable Footboards (Heavy, Regular, Light)
  • Quad Beater has 2 Plastic & 2 felt faces – Point or Line Contact with the Head to give Four Distinctively Different Sounds
  • Side-Mounted Roller cam Hoop Clamp For Easy Attachment & Removal
  • Uni-Pressure Spring Clamp Which Allows Infinite Beater Angles
  • Floating Spring Pendulum For Reduced Waggle

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