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Pearl Drums

PEARL President Phenolic PSP1455S/C452 snare drum Virvelirumpu

Normaalihinta €539,00 EUR
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta €539,00 EUR
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PEARL President Phenolic PSP1455S/C452 snare drum

Limited run: only 75 in the world
Includes a Nomad fiber case and certificate of authenticity
Thin, hermetically pressured phenolic resin shell Brimming with '60s synthetic-shelled Presidential character Adjustable tone muffler dries out unwanted overring Throwback Silver Script badge and modified double-sided Battleship lugs 2.3mm Superhoop II triple-flanged hoops supply great tone and road-ready durability 10-mil Remo USA Ambassador Smooth White batter head gives you supreme sound and feel

Color: Pearl White Oyster