AQUARIAN VEL14 HI-VELOCITY 14" Snare Lyöntikalvo Batter Head

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Hi-Velocity snarekalvo 14"
The all-purpose, texture coated, two-ply Hi-Velocity snare drum batter is at home anywhere that a bright, open, and articulate snare drum sound is needed.
This durable snare drumhead uses a thin, reverse woven "Power Dot" mounted under the center of the head for added strength and focus and does not hinder the tone or projection at any volume. The result is a two-ply Snare drum batter with a clean, resonant tone and enhanced definition. Available in White or Black texture coating.
  • Two-Ply (2x7mil) Nu-Brite film
  • Power-Thin Dot mounted under the head
  • White Texture Coating adds warmth and articulation

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