Keith McMillen K-737B K Mix Blue

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The K-Mix is an unbreakable, 8-in/10-out programmable mixer and audio interface. K-Mix features 2 ultra-accurate, high-efficiency low noise preamps, and a precision opto-tactile control surface that was designed from the ground up for an unprecedented level of control.


We've made super clean audio more accessible, so you can focus on the music. K-Mix is a go-anywhere, fully-programmable, audio multi-tool that can meet all your needs as an artist, whether you're in the studio or on the road. With no moving parts, K-Mix can be transported in a backpack without the fear of snapping off a fader or knob, while still giving you unrivalled audio quality, mixer functionality, and control.


The software editor and windows driver for the K-Mix are available for download at

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