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Pearl Drums

20" Pearl Export EXX705 High Voltage Blue w/Stands & Cymbals

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Brand New 2017 color High Voltage Blue now in stock!

EXX705/C717 High Voltage Blue w/chrome hardware:
20" x 18" bass drum
10" x 7" tom tom
12" x 8" tom tom
14" x 14" floor tom
14" x 5.5" snare drum w/matching finish
TH-70I tom holder x 2

HWP-830 hardware pack:
H-830 hi-hat
S-830 snare stand
BC-830 boom/straight cymbal stand
C-830 straight cymbal stand
P-930 Demonator single pedal

PCP-204 cymbal pack:
20" ride
16" crash
14" hi-hat