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Pearl Drums

PEARL CRB524FP #730 Ultra Clear 4-PC Shell pack

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PEARL CRB524FP #730 Ultra Clear 4-PC Shell pack

Set includes drums:
22"x16" Bass drum
16"x15" Floor tom
14"x13" Floor tom
12"x8" Tom tom
Color: #730 Ultra Clear

OptiMount system
1.6mm triple flange hoops
Seamless shell construction

In 1973, Pearl set a benchmark in the drumming world with the introduction of Crystal Beat. A stunning combination of visual appeal and powerful sonic attack, Crystal Beat's revolutionary seamless construction was molded -not rolled- creating a strong acrylic drum system that could stand up to the rigors of touring. Crystal Beat's toms include the Opti-Mount suspension system to remove undue shell pressure and increase sustain. 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops offer just the right amount of attack without sacrificing tonal body.