Luna 2023 Kalimba Bamboo 17-kielinen sormipiano B

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Historically, the Kalimba has evolved from the mbira family of percussive instruments which has deep roots originating in Zimbabwe. There is nothing more meaningful than playing an instrument that embodies a rich musical history, made from excellent sounding tonal woods, a creative design, and brings you peace of mind. Today, the Kalimba is not only used to accompany modern instruments on stage and appear on musical albums but also as a form of relaxation and a method to escape the stresses of everyday life. A complement to Lunas popular line of bamboo instruments, the Bamboo 17-Key Kalimba is a small work of art. From the laser-etched leaf design around the sound hole to the smooth ripples along the natural all bamboo body, on-lookers will be captivated by this Kalimbas natural beauty and aesthetically pleasing features. Keep your Kalimba in-tune to the Key of B with the tuning hammer and instruction booklet to use as a reference. Hard shell case included with a polishing cloth and an extra soft carrying bag. Whether youre looking to add a new flavor to your music or need to take a break in your office, make sure you take your little bamboo hand piano! Join the Luna Tribe!

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