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Luna Kalimba Lizard 17-kielinen sormipiano C

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The earliest Kalimba-style instruments evolved from the mbira family, a family of percussive instruments originating thousands of years ago in Zimbabwe. With deep roots leading back to African culture and musical traditions, the Kalimba has played a variety of different musical roles throughout history. Today, the Kalimba is not only used to accompany modern instruments on stage and appear on musical albums but also as a form of relaxation and a method to escape the stresses of everyday life. 'Moo' means 'lizard' in Hawaiian to the early Hawaiians, a symbol of spirituality and good fortune. The lizards on the Moo Kalimba are set against the leaves of Monstera Deliciosa a plant found throughout Hawaii. Built with all-solid Okoume wood body, the Luna Moo Lizard 17-Key Kalimba features a laser-etched lizard on monstera design. A perfect instrument for beginner to intermediate Kalimba players looking to test the waters, ready for the next adventure! Keep your Kalimba in-tune to the Key of C with the tuning hammer and instruction booklet to use as a reference. Gigbag with a strap included with a polishing cloth and an extra soft carrying bag inside. Be sure to take your Moo Kalimba on your next journey, wherever the music may take you! Join the Luna Tribe!